DIY: Pressed Flower Table Numbers

August 16, 2017

I'm all about being a DIY bride. Store-bought decorations are not only expensive, but also lack that personalized touch I'm hoping to bring to my wedding day. These cute, rustic table numbers are super easy to make, and cost only about $2 per number. All you need are a few supplies, some wildflowers, and a little bit of patience! 

First, you'll want to start collecting your wildflowers. Most of the blooms I used were collected along the road, behind my workplace, and from the grass outside my apartment. Tiny daisies and buttercups press beautifully, the rich yellow staying vibrant even after time between the pages of a book. I also clipped flowers from my garden. I have a small collection of plants on my balcony, and I specifically selected a few varieties of pansies and poppies that I knew would press well. Lavender, rose petals, baby's breath, small leaves, and other little blooms look nice too. 

Whatever flowers you select, make sure they're going to be able to press flat between the pages of a book. You want thin flowers. Things like full roses, layered blooms, and other thick flowers will not flatten correctly, and will grow mold. Spread the flowers between two pieces of parchment paper, stick the paper in the pages of a heavy textbook, pile a few more books on top of it, and you're good to go! Now, we wait....

I waited about two weeks for each set of flowers. I've been pressing these over the course of a few months, but that has more to do with the availability of flowers than anything else. 

I found these awesome frames at the Dollar Tree for (unsurprisingly) one dollar each! Although somewhat cheap and flimsy, they look really nice and will definitely do the trick for my wedding day. I purchased ten of these, and am hoping I don't end up needing more than 10 tables! 

Obligatory flat lay of the dismantled frame. 

Gather your supplies. I used brown kraft paper for the background, but you could use any color you wanted. You'll also want a chalk marker, although I imagine a paint pen would work just as well. And, of course, your flowers! 

I just used the little picture that comes with the frame, traced it on the kraft paper, and cut out as many as I could on one sheet. Pretty straightforward. Now, the fun part. 

I keep my flowers in a plastic container with the lid kept off. I'm paranoid about moisture affecting the flowers, so I've been doing what I can to keep them cool and dry.

From here, you'll want to pick out your flowers for the frame. I recommend choosing some plain, background petals (such as rose or poppy), a taller, multi-leveled flower (the baby's breath), and a couple of colorful blooms to make it really pop.

Coat the paper in glue. A regular gluestick is fine. The glass will hold the flowers to the paper pretty well on its own, you just want a little bit of glue to keep them from being able to move around. 

Layer the pressed flowers, adding more glue as needed.

When finished, allow the glue to dry before putting the frame back together. I made the mistake of not waiting once, and had to take the glass back off and wash it. (Oops). 

From here, you just need to use the chalk marker to write your table numbers on the front of the glass. 

All done! I'm hoping to sell these on a local buy/sell/trade page after my wedding next August. 

I've been struggling lately with wedding decor ideas. Thus far, I have these frames, a vague idea of centerpieces, and a lot of half-finished chalkboard signs. I'm torn between feeling bad about my punched-in-the-face-by-Pinterest wedding and being so excited to make decorations! I'm hoping to make my own aisle markers next. What DIY project are you looking forward to next? 


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