On Selling Crafts

August 23, 2017

I'm no artistic genius, but I do take pride in spending time making arts and crafts. I've always been passionate about my projects, but I never took the leap towards selling them. Of course, as a kid I would make bracelets and earrings with my friends, and we had grand plans to sell them one day. But, entrepreneurial efforts are difficult when you've only just finished the fourth grade.

In high school I began learning how to draw. I started selling small drawings on DeviantArt to people for an obscenely low price. Although I'm no Rembrandt, I was only charging between 5 cents and 2 dollars for different drawings. That was probably a bit low!

In the last couple of years I've become really interested in woodburning, also called pyrography. Basically, you use a heat tool with a metal tip to burn designs into wood. I'm nowhere near as skilled as some of the other people out there, but I finally feel like I have something worth selling to others. With that,  I decided to open a store on Etsy: Cascadia Craft Company. At this point I only have about 20 items posted for sale, and certainly haven't made many sales either. All that said, the fact that I've managed to make any money doing something I really enjoy is an extremely rewarding thing to realize. I know this isn't something I'll be able to do for any real income, but it makes doing my craft projects feel more productive and meaningful. The fact that another person, a stranger even, will be enjoying and using something I created is a fantastic feeling!

Some of the boxes I've sold have been a bit unusual. Coffin boxes were on sale for fifty cents a few Halloweens ago, and I just couldn't resist! These are more fun than most designs, though, because of the unique shape and fun themes to choose from. I'm not entirely sure what they'd be good for, but the best part about doing this as an after-hours hobby is that it doesn't hurt me if it doesn't sell. I think that's the best way to get started in selling crafts, although I suppose I haven't been doing it long enough to really say for certain! But, the risk is low, and the reward is harmlessly thrilling!

For more of my crafts or to explore the store, visit my Etsy page!

In other news, Costco currently has an excellent deal on the Silhouette Cameo 3, and I couldn't resist! I've been wanting one for ages and I finally felt like the bundle deal was worth the plunge. It's an online-only deal, so the 3-5 business day waiting period is killing me. I can't wait to get my hands on my new toy! Hopefully I can come up with some new ideas to share here.


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